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Tricia Stanson

 Tricia Stanson was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1971.  She grew up on the outskirts of  the city, in Gahanna, where her home was surrounded by corn fields and horse farms. Tricia's paintings reflect her upbringing in a rural setting with memories of country lanes, simple times and the importance of family.  Tricia's father was an ex L. A. police officer and member of technical staff at a communications company and her mother a hairdresser who ran her beauty shop out of their home. Along with a brother and a sister, Tricia was raised in a sheltered environment filled with love.

Tricia began painting in 1994, when she was involved in an abusive relationship that led to a nervous breakdown.  One night on a whim she picked up a brush and started painting. She hasn't stopped since. Tricia ended the relationship, moved back home with her nurturing parents and began painting constantly. Working in house paint on found objects, she painted primarily from memory and her life experiences. Her work evolved to include the use of acrylic paints on pieces of found wood and elements of collage. Continually inspired by her family, friends and other artists, she produces pieces that are bright, vivid and fun, yet have a consistent and unique personal vision.

In 1999 Tricia moved to New York City, an example of how her exuberance for life  leads her to new experiences that inspire her paintings.  She now lives in New Albany, Ohio.

Tricia's work has been shown in numerous galleries across the country in Ohio, Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, and California. In addition her paintings are included in many private collections.