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Eric Legge


Born: May 17, 1971, Valdosta, Georgia
Resides: Rabun County, Georgia


Eric grew up in south Georgia with his mother and brother. His parents divorced while he was too young to remember. He began painting at the age of three.

Legge attended Valdosta State University and paid his way through college by working at a Developmental Center for the profoundly and severely mentally handicapped. He graduated with a philosophy major.

Eric has never been taught, either formally or informally, how to paint. He believes that his talent is an innate ability. The main theme of his work is freedom. He chooses his subject matter by the type of mood he is in that day.

Eric now lives in the mountains of north Georgia with his father and brother. He and his father, Joe Legge, a talented self-taught artist himself, spend their days and many nights making art.

Eric's work is in many collections throughout the United States and in Paris, France.