Rosehips Folk Art Gallery
Est. 1984 - Barbara C. Brogdon Prop.
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I am a self taught black folk artist from Mississippi near the Mississippi Delta Home of the Blue and Catfish I started painting a few years ago when a friend of mine ask if I could paint something for her I told her no but when I got home  from work as a nurse on the 3 11 shift  I sat down and painted with colored pens on thick paper and she loved it and thats how it started . I paint from memorys of growing up in Mississippi  old stores/ juke joints/ churches/ cotton fields  and people going down to the river to get baptized I have sold my art throughtout the US/and internationally  I just retired after 40 years of nursing and now can enjoy painting folkart I always ask God to bless my mind and hands and paint something someone will like and come back for more. As we say down here in Mississippi "Y'all come  back you hear. Jo'L