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Mary Greene
Writing on back of canvas on "Barn Yard"

Great Granny Annie Mariah 1858 "Always keep your house clean and also your outhouse (tolit). Keep your yard sweep clean, plant flowers and fruit trees around (thye) be sure your familys needs are supplyed. Be sure your family eats well, keep them clean, work them hard so they will be healthy always pray with them read the bible and explain it to them so they will also have a helthy mind teach them be a good wife ans mother. Tell them and show them you (you) love them. Sew plenty of clothes, patch knit quilt take good care of your mules, cows hogs and chickens these help feed your family keep the storm pit clean help split rails for a fence find a white wash deposit near a creek and keep ypu walls white washed creat a pretty patch work to hang keep plenty of sope, cheese, homney and other such made up Keep plenty of wood for cooking and heat Just part of life in 1858 I guess I like this better My Grannys in the early 1900 had a child nearly ever year. There were 12 on moms and 10 in dads family.